Guitarist and Producer
David Scott Rockower

featured internationally
on programs such as
"Duck Dynasty" 
"Breaking Amish"
"Impractical Jokers"
Counting Cars""
All American Makers"
Dirty Rotten Survival"
Love Lust or Run"
Multiple CBS Commercials
and many more.

It is my honor to be the feature subject of this Cakewalk Blog!

The duke western cakewalk sonar platinum 2

Duke on Duck Dynasty Season 11!

Music I've written and produced for the upcoming season 11 of A&E's "Duck Dynasty"!! 
"Reviews are in - the production company is super happy!  And wow - David plays a great pedal steel. Amazing!"    
Producers: Duck Dynasty
Duck dynasty

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Let's Get Rocked!

Let's Get Rocked!

Superbowl 50

Here is the CBS commercial that featured my track "Go Get It" during Superbowl 50!  Download it for free below!

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